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Traditional Batik on cotton, boxed up to paint and framed up of your own liking. Batik is traditionally hand waxed rather than printed, keeping the authentic art & culture alive.

Batik Pre-Waxed

What is pre-waxed? Pre-waxed is pre-designed, which is already hand waxed for you using the tjanting (chanting) tool.


Batik DIY Set

A set consists of a pre-waxed design, batik dyes, pallets, and brush. DIY sets are always on the go where you can quickly paint on any occasion/events.

Batik Notebook

Batik Notebooks are painted and handmade. Designs are limited as they are done by the artist himself.

#2 STND 05.png
Sayu Putra Learning Jawi, 1995-1.png

Mixed Wall Art

Mixed Wall Art paintings limited availability. Few are exhibitions entitled.

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