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Mr. Tumadi has been a batik artist for close to 40 years, who specialize in images of wayang kulit or shadow puppet theatre, a traditional Indonesian performance. He discovered his interest in the intricate patterns in wayang kulit - prevalent in Java. He traveled widely in Indonesia to study the indigenous culture in his 20s.



Decided to make a family business named Tumadi Traditional Batik Painting conducting Batik coloring workshops at schools and community events offering individual and group lessons at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level. For birthday celebrations, the customers can request for specific pictures, such as cartoons, animals, and flowers, for coloring.

"I observe that there were many that do not have experience or skill in waxing but were surprised of how good people are in coloring." H
e says, adding that a Batik workshop-only option is also available. The DIY sets are catered for those who need artistic handwaxed pieces so they can color confidently as a gift.

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