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Orchid Garden 1

Orchid Garden 1

$389.00 Regular Price
$311.20Sale Price

Introducing the Orchid Garden 1 - a breathtaking batik painting that comes in a pair. These paintings are not only stunning when displayed together, but also make a statement when standing alone. The red orchid is blended seamlessly into the background, creating a distinctive and eye-catching piece of art. Handmade by an artist who loves nature, these paintings are complemented perfectly with a Balinese frame, adding an ethnic touch to any room. This would make an ideal gift for your mother, loved one, or simply to add to your own collection.


    *Artworks are only limited to one as they are individually hand painted.

    Dimension : 13 X 15 inch

    Design : Balinese Frame Orchid Garden 

    Date made: 2019

    Available for 3X installment plans we will send the paylink to you.



    All items are non refundable or exchangeable once sold.

    *Items are individually hand waxed.

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