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Queen of Night, 2021

Queen of Night, 2021


Experience the enchanting beauty of the Queen of the Night with this mesmerizing batik painting. Created by the renowned artist Pak Tumadi, this abstract piece captures the essence of the Bakawali flowers in vivid detail. The striking red hues symbolize the sun's rays, even though this flower only blooms at night. A thought-provoking piece, this painting will inspire you to ponder the mysteries of nature. Bring home the Queen of the Night and add a touch of magic to your living space.


    *Artworks are only limited to one as they are individually hand painted.

    Dimension : 50 X 50 cm

    Design : Batik Abstract Flowers

    Date made: 2021


    Available for 3X installment plans we will send the paylink to you.



    All items are non refundable or exchangeable once sold.

    *Items are individually hand waxed.

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