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Crossing Borobodur, 2014

Crossing Borobodur, 2014

$7,000.00 Regular Price
$5,950.00Sale Price

Crossing Borobodur, 2014, is an exquisite acrylic painting that captures the beauty and magnificence of the famous Borobudur temple in Indonesia. The painting depicts a carved statue that can be found in the temple, surrounded by the lush green hills, majestic mountains, and the vast blue sea. The use of vibrant blue and orange hues brings the painting to life, creating a stunning visual representation of the temple and its surroundings. This painting is a must-have for any art enthusiast who appreciates the beauty of nature and the cultural significance of historical landmarks.


    *Artworks are only limited to one as they are individually hand painted.

    Dimension : 100 X 100 cm

    Design : Acrylic 

    Date made:  2014



    All items are non refundable or exchangeable once sold.

    *Items are individually hand waxed & handpainted.

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