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Calligraphy  ٱللَّٰه 2

Calligraphy ٱللَّٰه 2

$4,000.00 Regular Price
$3,800.00Sale Price

Introducing the  Calligraphy ٱللَّٰه 2, a stunning piece of handmade cotton art perfect for any Muslim household. Featuring the powerful words Allah Muhammad in beautifully crafted calligraphy, this piece is sure to make a statement. The background detail adds depth and texture to the artwork, and the smooth color scheme will create a relaxing atmosphere wherever it is displayed. This is the first large piece of its kind by renowned artist Pak Tumadi, offering a unique and exclusive addition to your home or office decor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this beautiful masterpiece.


    *Artworks are only limited to one as they are individually hand painted.

    Dimension : 100 X 90 cm

    Design : Batik Calligraphy

    Date made:  2018



    All items are non refundable or exchangeable once sold.

    *Items are individually hand waxed & handpainted.

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